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Thread: Blue Slip?

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    Blue Slip?

    I'm scouring Ebay for a bike to use as a commuter and also to do the Scrapheap challenge ( there seems to be a few of the older bikes that aren't registered, what's the story with re-registering a bike that has lost rego? I understand you need to get a Blueslip? what's that normally cost? and do they just do a standard kind of Pink Slip check or is it more involved?
    lastly if anyone has a 250 trail bike for sale for under $1k (hopefully with rego) let me know! after a DR/TT/XR/XT/KLR type bike

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    I got a blue slip for a CBR600RR I bought a week or two ago (unregistered), the RTA gives you a list of RTA registered blue slip providers, you go to one of them, they check out the bike for roadworthy as well as VIN and Engine numbers, you pay about $35:00 and then off to the motor registery, if the bike is unregistered you will also need a CTP greenslip. I found GIO the cheapest.
    Just a word of advice, go to a car blue slip checker, a lot of bike shops will try and tell you what is wrong with it and then offer to fix it for you (at their price naturally).
    The bike I bought had been unregistered for 4 months.

    Hope this helps
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    I got one for my bike a couple of years ago as I too bought it unrego'ed... I think it took the guy like 5 minutes to check it. Mainly brakes, lights, tire thread, etc. At least that what he seemed to be doing. Cost me 40 or 50 bucks. After that is pink and green slips and off you go.

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    Oh cool! Thanks guys, I was thinking it was a couple a hundred! :cursing:

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    I'll be taking the Elsie to get a Blue slip later this week (last rego'd in Vic) so will confirm all the above (or not)... Someone did say there is a spot check if you unlucky where if your picked on, its another $450 for the privalige..... Not sure id this was reregistering write offs or any thing requiring a blue slip ????

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    You'd only be paying the $450 if the vehicle is a rep write off.


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    Got mine last week, it's a set cost around that $35 -$40 mark, can't remember exactly (as limegreen said).
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    You want a commuter ? isnt that why you bought that shitheap KTM of yours for

    Sorry, never mind me, commuter as in being reliable totally flew by me

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