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Thread: FI light on, CBR600RR

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    FI light on, CBR600RR

    Hi Guys, had to adjust my throttle cables on the 600RR as there was no slack at the top adjustment. Put bike back together, fairly painless. Now when it starts the bike runs rough when idle/staring and the FI light is on

    How can I reset the ECU on these?? the MIL light is on too (Red light)

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    To put it very simply you haven't put bike back together properly & have either forgotten to plug back in a EFI sensor or pinched or damaged some wiring.
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    What Roy said. What's the FI error code?
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    Error is 2 flashes, shorted the orange/brown pin. Thats Vac/MAP, found that I'd left a vac line disconnected -plugged that back in and away she goes again

    Good ol honda!

    Thanks Gents, all sorted!

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